Using plaster in your home helps to improve the quality of the air. Its mineral nature prevents micro-organisms developing and helps prevent potential respiratory diseases. The air is healthier and free of pollutants and allergens, offering incomparable hygrometric and acoustic comfort as well as visual appeal.


As we are concerned about protecting our planet, we use ecological paints bearing the E.L.F or PINCEAU VERT quality label. The coatings we apply to walls and ceilings protect and decorate them according to our customers’ specifications, be this inside or outside a building, a house, a public place, offices or industrial or commercial premises. Since 2005, Matamoros has been certified for the treatment of lead-based paints. Portable electric tools such as the Graco V Airless spray guns, a powerful and robust pump, is suitable for spraying latex paints, emulsions, acrylics, Epoxy, fillers, flame retardants and coatings. ​

Fixed & Removable Partitions


Gypsum partitions are dry-fitted, lightweight and offer all possible combinations of thermal insulation, soundproofing and mechanical resistance. To obtain a resistant wall, it is advisable to use several plasterboard panels and to vary the shape and nature of the panels as well as the type of framework to ensure a quality finish.


The new system of efficient and functional frames consists of sliding doors inside a metal box hidden in the partitions. This system has been in use for years and allows architects to optimise the use of space and give free rein to their imagination.

Stretch & Metal Ceilings

Stretch ceilings allow you to personalise your interiors using printed fabrics. A coating can create a particular ambiance and brings a personal and decorative touch to a surface. Your printed stretched canvas can be placed on the wall or ceiling to bring any interior to life.

Suspended metal ceilings are a durable solution to give your room an elegant look and provide practical access to the technical components in the suspended area.

Decorative Wall Coverings

Concrete, industrial and sand effect paints, to name but a few, give a fresh new look to more classic paints.

Decorative primer and wall covering to create different decorative atmospheres in a room according to the desired effect, the use of decorative paper, original or classic revisited, is once again an undisputed must in decoration trends. Nowadays, wallpapers are being used in a more original way. Japanese straw, another decorative solution, creates warmer rooms thanks to their shimmering colours.


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